Xiaomi 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank


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10000mAh Mi Wireless Power Bank

10 W max wireless output 10000 mAh Mi Wireless Power Bank Essential USB-A port supports 18 W output Supports self-charging and charging at the same time

Anywhere, anytime,wired, or wireless
Single cable for both charging and self-charging

Maximum capacity of 10000mAh Lighter, thinner and fancier
High 10000 mAh capacity housed in a body weighing just 230 g. Two colorus to choose from: black and white;easy to use and portable.

Charge up to 2 devices at once Both wired and wireless charging
With 10 W max wireless fast charging and one 18 W max wired interface.Supports the Qi protocol for wireless charging for mobile devices while simultaneously charging wired devices such as cameras, gaming consoles, and tablets.

Wireless charging power up to 10 W Powerful configuration and cool styling
Anywhere and anytime, the power bank can instantly become a wireless charger that charges phones with their cases on.Tap the "Check Battery" button, and wireless charging begins if the vertical induction distance is no greater than 5 mm.

Two-way 18 W max fast charging Charging, self-charging, it's all one step faster
The USB-C port's maximum input power of up to 18 W greatly reduces the time needed for self: -charging and ensures extra power for outdoor use.

Smart compatibility with different phones Also charges Apple, Samsung and Huawei phones
Complies with the wireless charging standards issued by the Wireless Power Consortium, enabling it to charge any Qi compatible wireless charging smart devices.

Enjoy life to the max with a full battery No more worrying about outdoor charging
Uses high quality lithium ion polymer battery and works with most phones and digital devices. The high 10000 mAh capacity enables full charging of multiple phones in succession.

Simple design with plain coloursComfortable to hold with one hand
The rubber charging panel is slip-resistant with a soft touch. Fits in one hand and offers a comfortable grip thanks to its curved design.

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